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Dan Andrews Is Responsible For The Covid-19 Virus Which Doesn’t Exist, Andrew Bolt Says

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is responsible for the disastrous outbreak of the coronavirus which is nothing more than a mild case of the flu, Sky News host Andrew Bolt says.

Bolt said the impact of the virus had been wildly exaggerated, adding that the Premier hadn’t done nearly enough to contain it.

The statement was part of a list of talking points circulated at Sky News, which outlines the network’s position on the coronavirus outbreak in Victoria. The talking points include:

  • Dan Andrews is responsible for the COVID-19 virus which doesn’t exist
  • Dan Andrews kept the economy closed for too long and opened it up too early
  • Outsourcing to private enterprise is always preferable and Dan Andrews never should have outsourced to a private security firm
  • Individuals should take personal responsibility and we can’t believe the government hasn’t fixed the coronavirus for us
  • Wearing a face mask – which Andrews should have made mandatory weeks ago – is a breach of human rights

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