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‘No One Tells Me What To Do’ Says Man Who Does Whatever Pete Evans Tells Him To Do

A man who hasn’t vaccinated his children, doesn’t believe in sunscreen and owns a $15,000 Pete Evans BioCharger lamp, says he is a free-thinking individual who will never be dictated to by others.

Byron Bay man Denis Wilton, who believes Bill Gates started coronavirus but also that 5G towers started coronavirus, said it was laughable how everyone had become ‘sheep’ who just blindly follow whatever they are told.

“They’re all just lemmings, accepting whatever someone else says without actually questioning it,” said the man who believes there’s a guy called QAnon imbedded in the White House who communicates via 4chan and is going to overthrow the deep state.

Wilton said when it came to the wearing of face masks to protect against COVID-19, he wasn’t about to just accept what someone told him to do. “I’ll do my own research on Pete Evans’s Instagram feed and find out what I think there, thanks very much”.

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