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The American economy is set to BOOM after Donald Trump sent the nation’s reserves to a ‘free bitcoin’ account on Twitter

US President Donald Trump says the American economy is set to DOUBLE in value after he discovered a unique, one-off Bitcoin investment opportunity on Twitter.

The President told reporters he had acted very quickly to take advantage of the opportunity, sending the nation’s entire cash reserves to a celebrity on Twitter who promised to send back double the amount. 

“It’s really very clever. I sent them $2.5 trillion in Bitcoin, and now they’re going to send me back $5 trillion in Bitcoin. That’s double. Maybe triple. I don’t know, it’s a lot. No other President has ever done this before.

President Trump said he had a knack for making good investments. “This is going to make us a lot of money. The American economy – which is already very strong by the way, the strongest it’s ever been – is going to get many, many times bigger. People will thank me for this”.

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