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Melburnians worried about being denied entry to NSW told to just get on a cruise ship and say their name is Ruby Princess

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s advice not to interact with Melbourne citizens has led may Victorians to reassess their travel plans across the border this week. But travel experts say a simple solution is to set sail on an international cruise liner and disembark at Circular Quay.

“If you travel responsibly by car, making sure to keep a physical distance from others when you arrive in NSW, then you’ll be turned back at the border. But if you arrive on a large, tightly packed cruise ship with several thousand other passengers, you’ll be welcomed with open arms,” one travel agent said. “It’s one of those little secret travel tips I like to give my customers”.

“From Circular Quay you can just jump on a train or catch a taxi to wherever you need to go, no questions asked”.

For those worried about entry to sporting events – which Berejiklian specifically said Victorians could not attend – experts say knowing which name to use is important. “When they ask if you’re from Victoria, just say your name is Ruby Princess. You’ll be able to do whatever you want”.

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