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Victorian Government asks Sydney for advice on how to stop people socialising and having fun

With growing fears of a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus in Melbourne, the Victorian Government has reached out to its NSW colleagues for tips on how to empty the streets and shut down any unauthorised fun.

“Sydney’s been doing this for years,” a spokesperson for the Victorian Government said.

“We need to get people off the streets, out of bars and locked down at home. Who better than Gladys Berejiklian to show us the ropes?”

He said it was now well documented that the coronavirus is most likely spread in social situations.

“It’s when people are out together enjoying themselves, having a good time, having a laugh. That hasn’t happened in Sydney since 2011.

“The only way we’re going to beat this is if we can get to a point where the central part of the city is totally devoid of life and human activity. We’re looking forward to hearing Gladys’s tips on how to take the first step”.

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