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Australia Agrees To Send Troops To Support America’s Invasion Of America

Citing the two nations’ close historic friendship, and Australia’s long history of supporting American military interventions, Scott Morrison has told Donald Trump that Australia will provide immediate support for America in its war against arch-enemy America.

“I didn’t even let him finish his sentence,” Mr Morrison told journalists today. “Donald said he was planning to go to war, and I said, ‘You don’t even need to tell me who it’s with, we’re there with you. Just tell us what you need and it’s yours.

“That’s what mates do. We were there shoulder-to-shoulder in Bagdad, we were there shoulder-to-shoulder in Kabul, and we’ll be there in – sorry just checking my notes here – we’ll be there in Washington DC too”.

Critics were quick to denounce the announcement, saying it was yet another example of Australia signing up to a war it couldn’t win. “Once again, we’re off to help the US government invade a poor, dysfunctional nation without any plan for rebuilding it later,” one foreign analyst said.

Australia will send 500 troops who will be stationed in a small shopping mall in New Hampshire.   

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