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Republican Americans nostalgic for more peaceful time when protesters stormed government buildings armed with semi-automatic weapons

Fed up with the growing violence in their streets, many Republican voters are wishing the George Floyd rioters could follow the lead of coronavirus lockdown protesters, who peacefully stormed the Michigan statehouse with semi-automatic rifles last month.

Republican voter Nancy Hambright said the black protesters showed no respect for other people and could take a leaf out of the lockdown protesters’ book. “There’s a proper way to do this, and smashing windows and destroying property is not it,” she said.

“If you’ve got something you want to say, fine. But you don’t need intimidate people in order to get your point across. When we’ve got an issue, we politely overrun a state building armed with nothing more than our arguments and an arsenal of fully-loaded military-style weaponry”.

One of the participants from last month’s anti-lockdown rallies said the most respectful thing was to start a dialogue. “That’s what we did. We went right up to our elected officials – within an inch or so of their face – and courteously shouted very loudly and very clearly what we wanted. That’s how to do it.

“I don’t even know what they’re fussing about anyway. They’re worried about dying because of police brutality. I couldn’t go to my local restaurant for four weeks”. 

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