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Fears Of Rush On Malaria Drug Unfounded, After Trump Supporters Unable To Pronounce Hydroxychloroquine

Pharmacists say the President’s claim he was taking anti-malarial medication to fend off COVID-19 has not led to an increase in demand for the drug as initially feared. Although many pharmacists have reported a surge in requests for unknown medications such as ‘Hidrosheen’, ‘Hidrox-a-thing’ and ‘The one that, you know, that one’.

“We have a rule that if you can’t pronounce it you can’t have it, so we were never concerned that this would be a problem,” one pharmacist confirmed.

“We’ve have seen some requests for swimming pool chemicals and hair dye, and our sales of Dettol are still very high. But no, no increase in requests for hydroxychloroquine.”

She said quite a few people have come in to ask for ‘That drug starting with H’. “I’ve redirected them to their local drug dealer for that one,” she said.

Medical professionals had been concerned that people would start taking hydroxychloroquine unnecessarily. The drug has serious side effects including vomiting, heart failure and small hands.

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