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Trump Now Claiming You Can’t Get Coronavirus If You’ve Still Got Bieber Fever

In the latest in a series of strange claims about coronavirus, US President Donald Trump has told reporters that people who have previously contracted Bieber Fever are immune to COVID-19.

“If your heart melts whenever you see Justin smile, then you’re safe from the coronavirus,” Trump said at his press briefing today.

“If you cry every time Justin sings – even just a little bit – then you’re in the clear. That’s what doctors are saying.

“If you get very, very angry when someone else claims they know more about Justin that you do, then you’re safe from this virus. There’s tremendous evidence for this,” he said.

Pushed for further detail about the theory, President Trump said, “If you have, or you once had, your whole room covered with posters of The Bieb without a shirt on, then you can go outside without any risk of catching this new virus. It’s that simple.

“If, whenever you hear the phrase ‘What do you mean?’ you automatically sing the chorus to the song ‘What Do You Mean‘, you’re 100% safe from COVID. This is what people are telling me”.

While some commentators were baffled by The President’s statements, most said it was more plausible than most of his other recent claims about coronavirus.


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