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Woman Changes Name To ‘Ruby Princess’ So She Can Do Whatever The Fuck She Wants

A Sydney woman is going on a three-day bender this weekend after changing her name from Jenny Warren to Ruby Princess.

Ms Princess said she had never felt so liberated. “I can literally do whatever the fuck I want. No-one – absolutely no-one – is going to do anything about it!” she said, saying she might steal a car or rob a shop just for the fun of it.

“The law doesn’t apply to Ruby Princess! They’ll let me do anything and no-one will take any responsibility!” she yelled, grabbing a can of spray paint and writing ‘No-one stops Ruby Princess!” on the side of a building.

Ms Princess changed her name via the Register for Births, Deaths and Marriages yesterday. The NSW government claims the Register is a federal government responsibility. The federal government claims it is the responsibility of the states.

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