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Majority Of People On Crowded Beaches Are Daily Mail Photographers, New Data Shows

More than 85% of all people on Australia’s packed beaches and parks are Daily Mail and Channel 7 photographers taking pictures of Australia’s packed beaches and parks, it has been revealed.

Thousands of Australians have expressed their outrage at images of beachgoers ignoring social distancing laws. But analysis shows that most of those people are in the images themselves, taking photos of other photographers ignoring social distancing rules, who themselves are taking photos of other photographers ignoring social distancing rules.

“All of those photos you see in the media showing packed beaches in Sydney certainly look bad, but once you take away the photographers, it’s really just a woman going for a jog,” one photo analysis expert said.

“One image, which looked at first glance to be a huge crowd of beachgoers, was actually just a man and his dog surrounded by a camera crew and 750 journalists from Seven News”.

Journalists and citizen photographers claim it is their job to keep the public informed. “This morning we saw a man going for a swim by himself,” one journalist said. “So my colleagues and I went right up to him, put a microphone in his face and asked him why he was blatantly flouting social distancing laws”.

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