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We Downloaded CovidSafe And It’s The Weirdest Dating App Ever

There are a lot of dating apps around these days, and they all have their quirks. But this new CovidSafe thing that everyone is downloading at the moment is by far the strangest.

For starters, you only get matched with people who you’ve already met. What? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Surely you match with someone first and then you decide if you want to meet up?

It means it’s impossible to meet new people with this app. The only matches I got were for my long-term girlfriend and the Coles delivery guy. Not exactly what I had in mind for a hook-up app.

The other weird thing is that once you’ve matched with someone, it sends an alert out to everyone else you’ve hooked up with over the past few weeks to let them know too. Kinky, sure, but kinda odd.

But the most bizarre thing of all is that it only matches you with people who are feeling sick right now. That’s some weird-arse shit. Sure, physical attributes aren’t everything, but let’s keep things healthy. Especially during a pandemic.

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