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MPs Told They’ll Need To Accept $1500 JobKeeper Payment If They’re Not Working Until August

With Parliament cancelled until August, Australia’s federal politicians have been told they will need to access the $750-a-week JobKeeper payment, instead of their usual parliamentary salaries.

A Centrelink spokesperson said that given politicians were apparently unable to work from home, they would need to apply for the payment.

“As with everyone who is no longer working as a result of COVID-19, we would ask that MPs fill out a confusing form, call Centrelink, wait on hold for 3 days and then confirm their details with us, before receiving their first payment next year. I’m sure they’ll be happy to do that.

“Many politicians have told us for years that they could live on the Newstart payment, so I’m sure they will have absolutely no problem surviving on this”.

MPs have hit back at the payments ruling, pointing out that Parliament has already sat for 19 days this year, on track to beat last year’s total of 38 days.

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