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Easter Bunny To Come To Australia Via Cruise Ship To Avoid Lockdown Rules

Worried that he may not be able to do his normal Easter deliveries due to the shutdown of Australia’s borders, the Easter Bunny has decided to hire a cruise ship instead, and sail right into Sydney Harbour unencumbered.

“I thought with the whole Covid thing I might struggle getting into the country. But by coming on a cruise liner I can sidestep all of that,” the bunny told journalists today.

“It actually makes the whole process easier than usual. Normally I have to fly into an airport and then go through security and immigration. But by taking a cruise ship, I can just hop straight off onto Circular Quay, do a spot of shopping, and then go from there. I wish I’d thought of it earlier actually”.

He said the Government’s ‘tough on borders’ policies had made things more difficult for him in recent years.

“It can be hard getting into Australia, for sure. Particularly when you’re a foreigner. Especially when you’re brown, like I am.

“There’s always been such strong talk about stopping boats in Australia and I was always scared off by that campaign ‘If you come to Australia by boat you’ll never be allowed back into the country’. But I’d never seen the campaign ‘If you come to Australia on a cruise liner you can walk right in, no questions asked’. It certainly makes my job easier”.

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