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Learner Driver Let Off After Telling Police She Was A Hairdresser Driving To A Bootcamp-Themed Wedding In A Food Court

A 17 year-old Learner driver from Victoria has been told she no longer has to pay a $1600 fine for breaching coronavirus restrictions, after convincing police she was performing the essential service of cutting hair at a bootcamp-themed wedding at a Frankston food court.

Police said in a statement that had they had initially thought the school student was learning how to drive with her mother.

“Our initial assessment was that the young woman had made the totally irresponsible decision to sit in an enclosed space with a close family member and learn a life skill.

“But after further investigation we discovered that she was actually just going to a busy shopping centre to cut strangers’ hair.

“Once we realised that – and after learning that the wedding included a “sweat ‘till you’re wet” bootcamp – we were convinced that she was no threat to the general public, and in fact she was providing an essential service”.

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