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China Begins To Lift Coronavirus Restrictions: Citizens Free To Go Back To Doing Whatever Government Tells Them

In the first sign of a return to normality, Chinese Officials have begun to lift strict coronavirus-related restrictions and returned to ordinary, everyday totalitarian-related restrictions.

The changes mean that Chinese people – who have been strictly locked-down and monitored within their homes for months – will be free to go outside to be tracked and monitored there.

One government official said it was great to see things begin to return to normal. “For months now we’ve had to severely restrict people’s rights due to the coronavirus, so it’ll be nice to go back to severely restricting their rights because we’re a tyrannical communist state.

“Hundreds of factories and human rights have been shut down throughout the crisis. It’s great to see the factories starting to open up again”.

As Chinese people returned to the streets, the official said the government was pleased to have the dangerous threat under control. “It’s great to have the virus under control too”.


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