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Man Relieved That Company He Hasn’t Heard From In 5 Years Is Here For Him At This Difficult Time

Sydney man Jim Lecke says it’s a huge relief to know that an electronics retailer that he bought a charging cable from in 2015 is here to help him get through COVID-19.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by all the support I’ve received from all sorts of brands across the world – some who I’d totally forgotten about,” Lecke said.

“When you’re trying to get your head around feelings of hopelessness and despair as a global pandemic grips the world, it’s good to know that a multi-national bank you haven’t used since you were eight is on your side”.

He said an online pet insurer that he accidentally signed up to eight years ago understands what he’s going through. “They said they know I’m probably feeling uncertain right now and that they’re going to get me through this whole thing and here’s a 20%-off voucher.

“I’ve lost my job and I’m worried that I might die, but at least I know that there’s a global insurance company out there that’s thinking about me”.

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