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Australia’s Coronavirus Restrictions Explained

There’s been some confusion over the recent coronavirus restrictions put in place by the Australian Government. This simple list clears up any misunderstandings.


Australia Coronavirus Restrictions

  • Nail salons to close, except in East Brunswick and Chatswood. Maximum 4 nails per consultation. Except Sundays (3 nails)
  • Weddings can go ahead but must only include the couple, the celebrant and your 3rd best friend from high school
  • Haircuts permitted as long as the hairdresser is standing at least 1.5 metres away (1.8m in NSW)
  • Food courts are off limits, unless you’re going to McDonalds for an apple pie. Maximum 3 apple pies per customer. Five if it’s for a wedding
  • No sport whatsoever. Except bootcamps. (150 millilitre sweat-per-participant rule strictly enforced)
  • Take away once a week. Twice if you’ve had a big week & you think you’ve earned it
  • All non-food markets to close, except Phil’s Motor Market in Newcastle
  • Public transport for essential workers only. Everyone is an essential worker
  • Dinner parties are advised against, unless you’re holding a murder mystery themed dinner party in which case it’s illegal
  • Schools to remain open, except in Vic, NSW, Qld, WA, SA, Tas, ACT and NT

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