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Australia’s 1.2 Million Epidemiologists Take To Social Media To Provide Valuable Expert Advice 

With Australians struggling to make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation’s 1.2 million epidemic experts have rushed to social media to provide sensible, evidenced-based guidance for less knowledgeable citizens.

Epidemiologist Lisa Harrington, who also works as a sales assistant at a juice bar, said she was more than happy to share the knowledge she had gathered during a medical research career that stretches back to last Thursday.

“As someone who has read widely on this topic at institutions such as Google and Twitter, it’s my duty to pass on what I know to those less qualified,” Harrington said.

“If I can perhaps share a slightly out-of-date or misleading graph that I found on Facebook to explain how people should respond to the coronavirus, then all the better”.

Health Department spokesperson Graeme Thornbury thanked Australia’s epidemiologists for sharing their knowledge at this difficult time.

“We’re so lucky to have so many experts in this field at such a critical time,” he said.

“People are confused right now. So what they need more than anything is a strongly-held opinion from an epidemiologist/junior accountant who’s read an article that a mate found on reddit”.

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