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Nation Grateful That At Least We Have Fast Internet

As millions of people begin working from home, Australians have remembered how lucky they are to have a fast, reliable national broadband network.

Small business spokesperson Tom McDonald said that it was at times like these that we could be thankful for the foresight of our government.

“Things can be pretty tough working from home. So we can be grateful that eight years ago the government didn’t scrimp on internet connectivity.

“I mean, can you imagine if you had to work from home and you had to wait five minutes every time you wanted to download a medium-sized file? That would be a joke!”

Rachel Winter, who employs 30 people in her business, said we should count ourselves lucky.

“In these tough times it’s comforting to know that Australia has the world’s 68th fastest internet. Sure, people in Kazakhstan have it better, but ours is amongst the best in Oceania. So that’s saying something”.

She said she expected the transition to working-from-home across the country to be seamless.

“20 million people all video-conferencing from home at once is just the type of thing the NBN was designed for”.

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