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World Relieved That Level-Headed, Compassionate Leader In Charge During Biggest Crisis In A Generation

The world has breathed a sigh of relief after remembering that the man charged with leading the earth’s most powerful nation out of the Covid-19 pandemic is known for calmly assessing all of the evidence before making sensible decisions for the betterment of all citizens.

Epidemiologist Chris Kavinski said that during a crisis, calm, coherent leadership was paramount. “In times like these you need someone who can put aside personal grievances, focus on the task at hand, and above all, listen to the experts around him. I think we can all see those attributes in today’s president.

“We’re very lucky that at this juncture in history, we’ve got someone in the White House who has a reputation for being composed and considerate. I mean, imagine if we had some erratic, self-obsessed idiot sitting in the Oval Office? That would be a cause for concern!”

Political expert Caitlin Reece said it was important for leaders to build consensus, rather than being side-tracked by petty jealousies, during times like these. “This is a time for cooperation with other nations; a time for empathy. It’s certainly not a time for blaming others, or making decisions based on personal business interests. I think we’re in safe hands”.  

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