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Local Man Surprised To Learn About This New ‘Washing Your Hands’ Thing

Perth man Trevor Seacliff says he is willing to give the new ‘washing your hands’ craze a try after hearing a lot about it lately.

“Everyone seems to be talking about it. I’d never heard of it before – is it a new dance move or something?” Seacliff said.

He said that, other than remembering to do up your fly, he hadn’t realised there was anything more to do after urinating in a public bathroom.

“I usually just take a piss and then wipe any excess liquid onto my shirt or the door handle as I leave. Or maybe just shake it onto a communal bowl of chips or something. But this looks fun too.

He said it was all starting to make sense now.

“I had wondered what all those white basins were for in public bathrooms. I just assumed they were a decorative item or something. Or a drinking fountain maybe.

“So how does it work? You just wipe your hands on the taps do you?”

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