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Condolences Flow In, After Fans Learn Tom Hanks Was On The Gold Coast

Fans around the world have sent their thoughts and prayers to Tom Hanks, after it was revealed the actor and his wife were on the Gold Coast.

In an Instagram post today, the Castaway star revealed the sad news, saying he hadn’t realised quite how bad it was.

“We’ve been feeling quite nauseous. I woke up in a cold sweat this morning, wondering what on earth I was doing here. A little bit of a chill ran down our spines when we went to Surfer’s Paradise. But I think we can get through this. It’s just one day at a time right now”.

Fans were shocked to hear the news and were quick to send their condolences. “Sending you all our love and prayers,” Sarah Randle from California wrote. “I’m so sorry this has happened to you,” another fan from Australia wrote. “Stay strong,” wrote another.

The couple have now been isolated from the Gold Coast for their own wellbeing.

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