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Labor To Wait For Focus Group Research Before Deciding If It Is For Or Against Coronavirus

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese said the party needs to consider a broad range of views, particularly those of marginal voters, before announcing its policy on coronavirus.

“This could be the greatest challenge of our times, but we also need to consider what Robert in Townsville thinks before diving head first into a policy position,” Mr Albanese said.

“It’s just so easy to get caught in a bubble when it comes to these types of things. Yes, a lot of the scientists are saying that coronavirus is bad, that’s not necessarily what ordinary voters in Queensland think”.

He said rather than coming out for or against coronavirus, it was likely his party would try to appeal to both sides, supporting a scaled-down version of coronavirus in certain areas such as Queensland.

“Let’s not forget that, while coronavirus has the potential to cause the death of tens of thousands of people, it could also create a few dozen jobs. So we do need to keep a balanced perspective on this”.

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