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PM Commits To Net Zero Climate Policy By 2050

Scott Morrison will tell a global climate summit that Australia is committed to achieving zero climate policies by the year 2050.

Mr Morrison said it was important to look ahead and plan for the long term, as well as addressing the here and now. “In the short term we will have no climate policy. But as we look to the future – in ten, twenty, thirty years’ time – we will have no climate policy. We have consistently met the targets we haven’t set” he said.

Environment Minister Susan Ley backed the plan, saying the zero policy initiative showed the government was planning ahead.

“This is a forward-thinking and thorough policy that will see us have no impact at all on addressing climate change for the next 30 years”.

She called the announced a ‘balanced approach’. “Any positive work we do in addressing climate change will be 100% offset by something ridiculous, like providing subsidies to new coal mines,” she said.  

Some within the right of the Coalition say the plan doesn’t go far enough, and have urged the Government to go backwards.

With Andy Szikla

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