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Doubts Cast Over Seriousness Of Coronavirus, After Only 97% Of Scientists Claim It Is Real

A growing number of politicians and commentators have questioned the need to treat coronavirus, with many pointing out that only 97 out of 100 scientists believe it exists.

Australian politician Craig Kelly spoke for many when he questioned why so many research bodies were eager to talk about coronavirus.

“It’s very trendy amongst the latte elites right now to believe in coronavirus. But apart from doctors, scientists, national health bodies, the World Health Organisation and scientific research institutes around the world, no-one has actually provided any proof that this thing even exists. Quite clearly this is a ploy by research bodies to get more grant funding,” he said.

Politicians in the US and the UK echoed Mr Kelly’s concerns, saying it was important for people to do their own research.

“Yes, I have heard scientists who specialise in viruses say coronavirus exists. But that’s just one opinion. We need to look at all this from a range of different angles,” US commentator Roger Grocon said.

“Instead of wasting eight years of your life studying the science behind viruses, I would encourage people to use their common sense.

“I’ve analysed footage of people in China who supposedly have this illness and I couldn’t find any evidence at all of a virus”.

He said his own research produced statistics very different to those being claimed by the World Health Organisation. “Literally zero percent of the people I know have coronavirus, but you won’t see those figures on the WHO website will you”.

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