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Bettina Arndt Gives Back Order Of Australia After Realising She Is Denying A More-Deserving Man

Social commentator and men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt has voluntarily handed in her AO, after someone pointed out that, by keeping the award herself, she was denying a more-deserving male candidate.

Ms Arndt said it was time men were properly recognised for their contribution to Australia.

“As usual, men are being sidelined. The last thing we need is yet another woman receiving recognition for their contribution at the expense of a man,” she said. “I can’t stand here and accept this award when I know there are so many men that are missing out,” she said.

Ms Arndt pointed out that only 70% of all AOs had been awarded to men since the award’s inception. “It’s yet another example of how men are being disadvantaged and discriminated against. I urge other women to join my lead and pass on their Order of Australia to a man”.

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