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Richard Di Natale Resigns, Grows Beard, Then Returns To Greens’ Leadership

Greens’ senator Richard Di Natale has stepped down from the leadership, grown a beard, changed his name and then returned to the leadership the following day, in a hilarious stunt that even caught colleagues by surprise.

Describing it as a ‘totally new-look leadership team’, Mr Di Natale – who now prefers to go by the name of Adam Bandt ­– said he wanted to show how committed his party was to diversity. “This is a party for all sorts of different white men with brown hair and glasses, from all walks of life. That’s what I’ve shown today,” he said.

“If you’re a 47 year old white male with three-day stubble, then that’s fine. If you’re a 49 year-old white man without a beard, then that’s fine too. If you prefer to wear a blue tie rather than a blue tie with an orange stripe, you’re welcome here. I could’ve come in here today with no tie on at all and it wouldn’t have made any difference,” he said.

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