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Sex Is Only For Heterosexual Couples, Says Man Wearing GORGEOUS Gold Hat

An English man wearing a stunning yellow and gold striped dress, delightfully accessorised with a striking gold and emerald green hat, has reaffirmed his view that gay people fall short of God’s purpose.

Tossing up whether to wear the purple scarf or the green scarf to go with his dazzling silver necklace, the man said homosexuals simply didn’t have a place in marriage. “Isn’t this dress with this staff just adorable?” he said.

The expert on sex – who has never had sex himself – says people should follow the teachings of the Church. “When it comes to your sex life, you should take advice from a bunch of old single men wearing fancy dresses,” he said.

He rejected the claim that he wasn’t in a position to provide advice on such matters. “If there’s anyone who knows about inappropriate sexual relationships, it’s the Church”.

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