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Red Cross Appoints Bridget McKenzie, To Ensure Bushfire Money Goes Where It’s Needed Most

The Australian Red Cross has responded to the public’s concerns about its allocation of bushfire donations, appointing funding allocation expert Bridget McKenzie to its team.  

“A lot of people have told us we’re not getting the funds out quickly enough. And it’s true – some administrative processes have slowed us down. But with Bridget McKenzie on board we can just totally ignore all standards and procedures and get the funds out immediately,” a Red Cross spokesperson said.

He said Ms McKenzie had a knack for knowing where funds should be spent. “All this time we’ve been concentrating on bushfire-affected areas in rural NSW and Victoria. But it turns out that places like Mosman and Sorrento are where the funds are needed most,” he said. “The best bit is she’s already got people on the ground there, so we can get funds there very quickly”.

The spokesperson admitted it was easy to lose sight of the real victims in disasters such as these.

“One of the things that we never realised is how much The Wangaratta Clay Target Club has been affected by this bushfire. It’s just something you don’t consider. But with Bridget’s help we’ve already managed to send $20 million their way”.

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