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Bridget McKenzie Insists Grants Program Provided Level Playing Field, “Especially For The Mosman Lawn Bowls Club, Which Now Has One Of The Levelist Playing Fields I’ve Seen”

Bridget McKenzie has hit back at suggestions her sports grant program didn’t provide a level playing field, saying critics clearly haven’t played on the Mosman Lawn Bowls Club rink recently.

“This is one of the flattest playing surfaces you’ll see – it’s like glass,” she said. “It’s amazing what a small lawn bowls club on the north shore can do with $190,000”.

She said the bowls club wasn’t the only evidence of a level playing field. “I’m guessing you haven’t visited the Warringah Croquet Club. It’s about as level a playing field you’re likely to see – just superb.

“I mean, a lot of people say that this grants program has been lopsided, but roll a ball along the new surface at the Portsea Equestrian Complex and tell me it’s lopsided. There’s no deviation whatsoever, it’s world-class”.

She also responded to critics who claim that applicants in Coalition held seats did not have to clear enough hurdles. “Well I can tell you that there are plenty of hurdles at the Double Bay Athletics Club now – and good ones too. That’s what $250,000 can buy you”.

Despite the criticism, Ms McKenzie says she will be sticking to her guns, which incidentally, she bought using a generous government grant.

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