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Scomo Says The Nation’s Bushfire Situation Has Improved Today, With Australia 3 For 283 At Stumps.

Scott Morrison says the bushfire crisis gripping the nation is improving, with Australia making a solid start to the first day of the third test match in Sydney.

“I think it’s fair to say we’re in control,” Mr Morrison told journalists. “Half the nation is choking in smoke, but you’d have to agree that with 283 on the board with the loss of just three wickets we’re in a great position to take charge from here”.

He rejected fears that the outlook for the next few days looked ominous. “I’d expect the pitch to be pretty flat again tomorrow – perfect for batting – but then break up a bit on days four and five, which will be great for Nathan Lyon. So no, I’m not concerned at all”.

The PM acknowledged there had been some heartbreaking losses, and said he understood people’s concerns. “Smith edging one to slip late on day one is a big loss, but I’m confident we’ll rebuild from here”.

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