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Albo Returns To Traditional Labor Values, Promising To Distribute Climate Change More Equally Across Entire Nation

Confirming his support for coal yesterday, Labor leader Anthony Albanese said his party offered a genuine alternative to the Coalition, with a plan to ensure all Australians suffered from the effects of climate change equally.

“The climate change I want is the type of climate change that’s accessible to all Australians, not just a select few,” Mr Albanese said.

“This shouldn’t be about what school you went to, or where your parents work. Climate change should be for everyone, regardless of your background”.

He said that by getting behind coal exports and new coal mines like Adani, his party would provide opportunities for all Australians to have their lives enriched by global warming.

“We want to see climate change that’s fair, that’s accessible to everyone, that doesn’t leave anyone behind”.

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