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Nation Rushes To Get Counselling After Imagining George Christensen In A Strip Club 

Millions of Australians have asked for psychological assistance after being presented with the mental image of the member for Dawson getting a lap dance at a Manila strip club.

Counselling services say they are struggling to keep up with call volumes, and many emergency departments are at capacity too, after a huge spike in nausea complaints.

Mental health expert Jessica Renillo said people needed to take care of themselves today. “Having a picture in your head of George Christensen is bad enough. But then when you start thinking about what his face might have looked like when he was eying off naked women, or what he might have been doing with his hands, it gets pretty rough. I would recommend taking the rest of the week off”.

Sydney woman Taylor Freeman said it would be a long and slow recovery. “The news report said there was no suggestion George Christensen paid for sex. But do they really have to use the words George Christensen and sex in the same sentence?”


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