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Marie Kondo Says She Launched Online Store To Allow People To Declutter Their Bank Accounts

Decluttering queen Marie Kondo had defended her decision to open a new online homewares store, saying she wanted to provide a simple way for people to tidy up their bank balances.

Speaking to journalists today, Kondo said the new store was just another way she was helping people live a better life. “Over time people accumulate all of this money that they think they need, but they actually don’t. It just gets in the way,” Kondo said.

“By visiting my new homewares store and clicking ‘buy now’, people can quickly and simply get rid of their excess money and live a more enjoyable life, and so can I”.

Kondo said people should not clutter their house with unnecessary things, except for the unnecessary things she sells on her shop. “I say to my clients, ‘does that $150 in your bank account spark joy?’ And I never really listen to their answer because I know a $95 gold ladle will spark more joy for them and really streamline their bank account at the same time”.

She told people to think hard about whether they really needed all those dollars, when they had other identical dollars already in their bank account. 

“I’d say you really only need two, maybe three dollars in your bank account, the rest is just clutter which is better spent on $275 brass tool holder from”

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