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PM Provides Boost To Struggling Fire Departments, Committing An Extra Two Million Thoughts & Prayers Per Year

Saying his government would do whatever it takes to fight the increasing number of fires in Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has committed an unprecedented two million thoughts and prayers per year to struggling fire departments, on top of existing thoughts and prayers already delivered.

The stimulus will see zero new fire trucks and at least zero extra heli-tankers delivered within the next financial year – a welcome relief for firefighters straining to keep up with the increasing intensity of blazes.

At a press conference to announce the new initiative, Mr Morrison said the thoughts and prayers could be deployed quickly and cheaply.

“You know, while others are talking about complex, expensive initiatives like funding firefighters or addressing climate change, we’re actually putting real, practical, fully-costed measures in place today. One or two conversations with Hillsong and I can have this policy on the ground and fully delivered within a week,” he said.

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