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The Australian Blames Malfunctioning Printer For Accidentally Blanking Out The Words ‘ABC’, ‘Safe Schools’ and ‘Gender Wars’ On Front Page

The Australian newspaper has apologised for its front page yesterday, saying a faulty printer accidentally inked out the words ‘ABC’, ‘Safe Schools’, ‘gender wars’ and ‘Tony Abbott is the only sensible choice for Australian Prime Minister’, effectively blacking out the entire page.

The only visible words remaining were ‘Benjamin Law’ and ‘political correctness gone mad’.

In a statement, The Australian said, “We are sorry that our readers were not able to read our articles on these important topics. Rest assured tomorrow’s issue will cover the crucial issues of why the ABC’s cartoon programming is secretly causing your children to become a Communist, how single-sex toilets are affecting stock market performance and why Greta Thurnberg’s yacht voyage was disrespectful to Australia’s diggers.

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