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Scott Morrison Calls For Newstart Recipients To Provide Vial Of Blood, To Prove How Much They’re Willing To Bleed For This Country

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for new measures that would require welfare recipients to provide a sample of their blood, as a sign that they are serious about having a go in this country.

Mr Morrison said he was “puzzled” by the level of opposition to the program, after floating the idea this week. “I am a bit surprised really. All we’re suggesting is that a member of the federal police come around to a Newstart recipient’s house at a mutually convenient time, and forcibly extract one to two litres of their blood to put in a vial to send off to Canberra. It’s really not that much of an imposition.

“I mean, if you’re not willing to do that, then I’d question your commitment to work and your commitment to this country frankly”.

Mr Morrison said the new program is designed to help Newstart recipients rather than be a burden. “For those not willing to bleed for Australia, this is a helpful new program that will really get them back on track”.

The new program will cost $10 billion.

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