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Britain Comforted By Fact That Prime Minister Looks Like He Knows What He’s Doing 

While admitting they are anxious about the uncertain times ahead, the people of Britain say they are reassured by the fact that their Prime Minister looks like a man who has things under control.

As Boris Johnson called an end to parliament in an attempt to stave off opposition to a no-deal Brexit, locals said they could sense they were in safe hands.

“You just look at him and you think – he’s got this. He just has that sense about him that he’s meticulous, that he’s thought this through, that he’s methodically considered all of the potential outcomes,” voter James Penrith said.

Julia Hayley from Bristol said Johnson was a steady hand in tumultuous times. “Sometimes I worry for my nation, but then I look at Boris Johnson and I think, ‘well, there’s a man who knows what he’s doing”.

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