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Man takes break from looking at big screen to spend time looking at small screen 

Saying it can get monotonous looking at a big backlit screen all day, Sydney man Brad Knight decided to break things up this morning by looking at the same content on a smaller, hand-held backlit screen.

“Some people go hours at a time looking at a TV screen or a computer screen, but I could never do that. I make sure that at least once every 30-40 minutes I’m taking a break and looking at my phone,” Knight said.

“It’s all about breaking the habit. Sometimes you’ve just got to make the decision to do something different – shut the lid on your laptop and just walk away. To where your phone is, to see what’s happening there”.

He said it was good to mix things up by looking at smaller versions of websites. “It gives you a different perspective. It’s a totally different way of using your mind.

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