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We Analysed Meghan And Kate’s Body Language And … Then Stopped Because It Is Weird And Totally Unimportant

A frame-by-frame analysis of Princesses Meghan and Kate at Wimbledon this week showed that we had way too much time on our hands.

Meghan can be seen moving her hands together quickly, which seems to suggest that she is having a heated argument with Kate, or possibly that she is clapping. But we may never know because we totally lost interest in the whole thing.

“If you zoom in closely at the images and look at the way Kate’s palms face downwards when Meghan is looking at her, but upwards when she’s not, then you’re really overthinking this,” a spokesperson said. 

“In particular, analysing the way she smiles in one frame, and then frowns in another, really shows – quite clearly actually – that you’ve totally lost perspective”.

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