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Trump On Epstein: “I Only Associate With The Very Best Sex Offenders”

US President Donald Trump has defended his former relationship with billionaire paedophile Jeffery Epstein, saying he only associates with the wealthiest, most successful sex offenders.

Mr Trump said he didn’t spend time at his resorts with any old alleged rapists. “Epstein is a very successful guy. Terrific guy. This is not some downbeat, loser sexual predator. He’s the best. I know him. I know all the best sex offenders,” Mr Trump said.

Trump made it clear that he didn’t associate with losers. “There are a lot of very depraved, failing insignificant sex offenders out there. Very poor. Losers. And I don’t know them. Not all all. I’d never spend time with them”.

Trump has been accused of sexual assault by 20 women.

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