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New Long-Term Airport Carpark Just A Short Flight Away From Terminal

A new long-term airport carpark – just 250km from the central terminal – is an easy 15-minute flight away, a spokesperson for the new facility said.

“If you’re planning on being away a while, or you’re just looking for a cheaper parking option, the new long-term carpark is the easy way to park when you’re at the airport”.

“Just park your car, check-in your luggage, jump aboard our shuttle plane and you’ll be on your way to Terminals 1, 2 and 3 in no time”.

He said the new carpark was all about convenience. “We’ll fly you right onto the main runway, from where you’ll need to get a quick shuttle bus back to the main terminal.

“We can even connect your shuttle flight to your main flight if you like. Unless you’re flying Jetstar or Tiger, in which case you’ll need to get a second shuttle flight to Terminal 4”.

Regular traveller John Tslakos said he was excited to try the new service. “The carpark is actually further away from my house than the airport, but it’s such a convenient way to get to the terminal. I love it!”

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