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Government to fight for Australians’ right to say whatever they want unless it’s about Anzac Day

The Coalition says it is passionate about defending Australians’ right to express their opinions about absolutely anything at all (except Anzac Day, in which case they will run a lengthy and targeted campaign to force you from the country).

Coalition Senator Eric Abetz said Australia was a diverse nation and that people should be able to speak openly about absolutely any non-Anzac Day related topic they wanted.

“We’ve always been a very free and open nation. So it makes sense that unless you’re a traitorous degenerate who has the absolute nerve to come here and critique our national day of American-style war glorification, you should be able to speak your mind openly”.

Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce echoed Mr Abetz’s concerns. “We come from many walks of life and have many different opinions and beliefs. Just because you have a belief about a subject that’s not related to Anzac Day that I disagree with, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to say it”.

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