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Boomers Awarded Most Annoying Generation. Millennials Furious They Didn’t Get Participation Trophy

An award ceremony for most annoying generation – won by Baby Boomers – has been marred by controversy, after the Millennials were not given a single participation trophy.  

The Millennials were reportedly furious, saying they tried their best and deserved at least a certificate or ribbon. “It’s been my lifelong dream since last week to win this award. I’m so disappointed,” a spokesperson for the Millennials said.  

A spokesperson for the Boomers said they would store the trophy in a spare room in the holiday house, “You know, the room down the second hallway – the one with the little ensuite”.

The spokesperson said the Boomers were not precious about the trophy and would be willing to rent it out to Millennials for $1,850 a week.

Generation X were totally ignored.

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