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Belle Gibson Says She Rejects Mainstream Methods For Paying Fines, And Will Overcome Her Fine Through Natural Remedies And Self Reflection

Wellness blogger Belle Gibson has told a court that she doesn’t believe in conventional approaches to court-ordered fines and prefers a more natural, less invasive approach to dealing with monetary penalties.

Ms Gibson – who is yet to pay a $410,000 fine for deceptive conduct – said ‘mainstream scientific methods’ for dealing with fines, which often involved paying money, were not appropriate for everyone.

“I find that eating vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and ignoring court-ordered fines is the way that suits my body and my lifestyle,” she said.

Gibson said she looked forward to being an inspiration for other sufferers of criminal punishments, and will release a new wellness app in time for Christmas.

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with a $410,000 fine. But with a positive attitude, a strict new diet and a total disregard for reality, I’ve managed to totally get it out of my system,” she said.

Publisher Penguin has signed a new deal with Gibson to write a book on her experiences.

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