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Australians Who Have Had A Go Will Receive Their Go In The Mail By Next Month, Government Reassures Impatient Public

Scott Morrison says the government will ‘absolutely’ deliver its flagship policy from last month’s election campaign, assuring any Australian who has had a go will get a go within the first 100 days of the new government.

The policy – which was the centrepiece of the Coalition’s campaign – has left the government with a logistical headache, with data showing that more than 24 million Australians have had a go this week alone.

The government, caught by surprise at the sheer numbers of Australians who have had a go, is now considering how it will deliver the promised free go.

Sources say Mr Morrison – who last month named himself Minister of Having a Go – has been personally working with Australia Post to have the gos delivered by mail.

“It’s a logistical clusterf*#k. They haven’t thought this one through,” one source said.

The source said many of the details of the policy hadn’t been considered. “If you have two gos to you get two gos? Who gets their go first? And what if someone has had a go but doesn’t want a go? Can you give your go to someone else? Can you sell your go on Gumtree? Will gos be taxed? Will rich retirees get an extra credit on top of their existing gos? There are a lot of unanswered questions”.

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