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Taxi Industry Responds To Uber Air, Promising More Expensive, Slightly Dirtier Version Within Months 

Australia’s taxi industry has responded to the impending arrival of ‘aerial rideshare’ service Uber Air, saying it will launch a pricier, dirtier and less convenient version before the end of the year.

Taxi industry spokesperson Kevin Molt said ordering the new taxi-copter would be almost as simple as ordering an Uber. “Just wait on the side of the road, look up in the air, and hail down the first yellow helicopter you see. It shouldn’t be more than a five to 120 minute wait. 

“Once you’ve managed to get a helicopter to fly down to you, just tell the pilot where you’re off to, and if it’s convenient for him he’ll take you. If not, simply wait around another hour for the next one”.

He said paying for the service would be seamless. “When you land at your destination, just hop out, then realise you’re not in an Uber, hop back in and wait uncomfortably while the pilot puts through your transaction”.

Molt conceded the new taxi-copters could be a little worn down and occasionally smelly. “But on the plus side they cost about 15% more,” he said.

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