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Climate Change: Avoiding Wipe Out Of Humanity Not Within Budget Guidelines, Coalition Says

The Coalition says saving the world from oblivion is a nice idea but is probably a bit too much on the expensive side.

A spokesperson for Scott Morrison said climate change is an important topic but that we need to be more prudent with spending decisions.

“Avoiding the total oblivion of humanity is a nice idea, but can we afford it?,” he said.

“That money could go into tax cuts or better roads. Have you seen the congestion in north Sydney lately?

He said he didn’t want to see Australians literally drowning in bills.

“I recognise the importance of keeping our planet liveable, but you’ve also got to keep in mind that there’s a marginal electorate in Western Sydney that needs a new carpark,” he said.

He said we need to think carefully about what is most important to Australia and think beyond the here and now. “Some people want to ensure that future generations are alive, and fair enough. But I’m more interested in making sure they aren’t burdened with debt”.

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