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Shorten Forced To Ad-lib Conversation At Family Breakfast, After Advisor Forgets To Send Through Talking Points

Without a script or even a bullet list of talking points, Labor leader Bill Shorten was this morning forced to think of his own things to say, during a tough breakfast conversation with his wife and children.

A panicked Shorten tried to improvise conversation about the familiar topics of Medicare and education spending, before an advisor belatedly brought in the morning’s scripts.

Recomposed, Mr Shorten said that he welcomed the opportunity to speak with his family today and looked forward to listening to their concerns. “On the topic of breakfast, can I first say this. We will have egg; we will have bacon; we will have coffee,” Mr Shorten said.

The would-be Prime Minister guaranteed that there would be no further cuts to his toast and committed to a more even spread of vegemite across all areas of the toast before the end of the morning.

Asked for condiments at the other side of the table, Mr Shorten confirmed he would pass the salt within his first ten days in office.  

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